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A Vision for Driftwood

About the Roadmap

In early 2019, DHCS began a fund-raising campaign to hire the land planning firm Overland Partners to help us develop a Driftwood Roadmap. The purpose of this document is to:

  1. lay out a guide that identifies and prioritizes activities and projects that further the DHCS mission of preserving and enhancing Driftwood’s special qualities  

  2. to use the Roadmap as a tool to expand our influence w/ current and future residents, businesses, elected officials and developers. 


Thanks to the generous donors who provided financial support, we are pleased to present our Driftwood Roadmap! 


The collaborative input that produced this Roadmap came from a broad cross section of Driftwood community members.  While the perspectives were varied and rich, everyone was united in the belief that Driftwood is a unique and precious community, worth the time, money and resources to preserve and enhance its rich heritage and unique qualities. 


We would love to hear from you.  If you have questions or comments, or would like to be involved as we move forward, please email Allison Allen at: 

For a full electronic copy of the Driftwood Roadmap in PDF format, please click the pdf image below.

Historical Sites

The committee has gathered information on historical sites and loaded the stories and pictures onto the Interactive Storybook. Explore Driftwood! 


Link above to download and print the form developed to help gather more information to add to the Storybook. Email the form to us at


We will coordinate a meeting the Hays County Historian, Kate Johnson, to gather a baseline of known historical sites so they can be loaded to the storybook link.

Committee Members
Allison Allen, Chair
Ray Beets
David Braun
Rick Brennes
Donna Burns
Casey Cutler
Doug Harrison
Adrian Matteucci
Mike Pruitt
Mark Rutledge
Shirley Tarrillion
Driftwood Golf and Ranch
Plateau Land and Wildlife Mgmt
Riley-McLean Land
Stephen and Sharon Cox
Ray and Julia Beets
Joe Straub
Mock Ranches - Kasey Mock
Braun and Gresham PLLC
Allison Allen and David Puryear
Adrian Matteucci and Kristen Adams
Robin Melanson
Bob and Gail Windle
Kristin Belt
Mark Rutledge Family
Casey Cutler Family
Donna Burns
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